Learn Arabic: March 2013
Saturday, 30 March 2013

Arabic Grammar program

Earab Al Quran

That program will help you to know the earab (syntax) of every word in the Noble Quran.

and it's small program in Size.

يساعدك هذا البرنامج لمعرفة إعراب كل كلمة فى القران الكريم
Video in English

Video in Arabic

 All links To Download

 Download Earab Al Quran program From Link 1 or Link2.

Link1 (Size:10.96 MB).


Link 2


Saturday, 9 March 2013

install Arabic in Mac

install Arabic in Macw

1-open system preferences

2- Click in Language & Text

3-Click in Edit list

6- check in:-


-Arabic –Pc

-Allow a different one for each document

Clear check beside
- Enable Keyboard shourtcuts .

8-In Keyboard & Text input

9- in Spotlight

 Download How to install Arabic in Mac as pdf (1 File)(Size : 692 kB).

Download How to install Arabic in Mac as Doc (1 File)(Size : 1.69 MB).


 Download How to install Arabic in Mac as JPG (15 pictures).(Size : 1.5 MB)
Downlaod All lesson File (All Extensions).Zip File.


Hope you well understand  my lesson and in sha allah soon I will make a video to ease everything for you.

Take care
Eng.Yassin shalaby

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