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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Full Arabic online lessons

Full Arabic online lessons

Salam alikom wa rahmit allah wa barakato

I will share with you that day the Great Full online lessons more than 60 lessons 5 Levels

It is suitable for non-Arab Moslems, second generation Arabs living abroad as well as to all those who are interested in the Middle East. 'Level One' is for beginners who have no prior knowledge of Arabic. Four versions of the program, each providing explanations in a different language, are available: English, French, Turkish and Malaysian. Are you ready for learning the most beautiful language in that Earth?

For beginners visit Learn that lessons before go to Level Lessons (8 lessons 2 Revisions)

Beginners The Alphabet + 400 words

This is the core part of each level as it is the part that relates to the study of the Arabic language. Level One is comprised of ten lessons; out of which two are devoted to revision. In general a lesson is divided into three parts: presentation, exercises and games. Each part is further sub-divided in order to focus on the different skills. An attempt is made to develop all four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking - within the limitation of available technology. Speech recognition is to be included in future versions of the program.


Appreciate Arabic

In order to provide a full learning experience to the learner, this part of the program explores diverse areas related to the rich and varied Arab and Islamic civilization. Emphasis is given to the origin and development of the Arabic language and script.


Keyboard Tutor

A keyboard tutor is added to all packages in order to help learners acquire Arabic typing skills. It is important to encourage learners to use the Arabic keyboard as this is mainly how they will interact with the program especially at more advanced levels.



Verses from the Koran are included in each program. This allows learners to be introduced to the Classical language. In addition, it emphasizes the cultural and historical value of Arabic. Finally, Moslem as well as non Moslem learners who are interested in the content of the verses are given a chance to be exposed to them. Islam is the second most widespread religion on earth - after Christianity - with no fewer than 1 billion believers.


Level 1 (12 Lessons )



Level 2 (12 Lessons )



Level 3 (12 Lessons )



Level 4 (12 Lessons )



level 5 (12 Lessons )



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