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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Madina Full Course - Part NINE

Madina Full Course - Part NINE

part one

Part Two

Madina Full Course - Part EIGHT

Madina Full Course - Part EIGHT

Part one

Part Two

Madina Full Course - Part Seven

Madina Full Course - Part Seven

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Madina Full Course - Part Six

Madina Full Course - Part Six

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Madina Full Course - Part Five

Madina Full Course - Part Five

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Madina Full Course - Part Four

Madina Full Course - Part Four

Madina Full Course - Part Three

Madina Full Course - Part Three

Part One

Part Two

Madina Full Course - Part Two

Madina Full Course - Part Two

Madina Full Course - Part one

Madina Full Course - Part one

salam alikom wa rahmit allah wa barakato Let's Move to advanced Level
and i share with you that day the great free course in Web~ more than 100 hours Arabic study and the amazing thing in that it's free ! you will not pay anything . Download the whole free course in your pc so you can learn anytime and anywhere.

That Course By:Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim

To know more about him Visit his Blog


To watch the whole free course just go :-


To Download the Whole free Course just go:-


Jazak allah khayran Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim.

May allah SwT Accept your Deed and Grant you Paradise.
Monday, 15 February 2010

Learn Arabic Alphabet Letters

The Arabic Alphabet

The Arabic Alphabet

Click on the Arabic letter to hear its proper pronunciation::



Baa ,Taa,Thaa


Daal ,Thaal




Taa ,Zaa

Ein ,Ghyn

Faa,Qaaf and Kaaf

Laam,Meem and Noon

Waw,Haa,Hamza and Yaa

The Vowels

Download Arabic ALPHABET , vowels,Numbers and conversations pictures.

 (Size: 1.56 MB)




That Video To Explain To Yasira the Different between the 2 arabic ALPHABET wrote in English the same

"Haa" i am Talking about Letter Number 6 and Letter Number 26 in arabic ALPHABET .

(As you Know arabic ALPHABET 28 Letters Start with Alif "Letter Number 1"and End With Yaa "Letter Number 28".)

Ok that Two Letters Totally Different in PRONUNCIATION and in write in Arabic.

Haa (Letter Number 6) corresponds to the English H, but it's much more throaty

Letter Number 26 PRONOUNCE As "Haa"is equivalent to the English letter H like in the Word HORROR.

Ok See the Video To know what i mean .it's so short Video (Only 7 seconds)

Haa with two dots in top

Sometimes "Haa" is written with 2 Dots on Top; This is actually the letter "Taa"

This can only happen at the end of a word.

How i write my name in arabic?

program To PRONOUNCE Arabic Words

Arabic programs - Make your Own Program, 

To help you To learn Arabic language

Wanna make A free program To PRONOUNCE Any Arabic Word For you ?

ok ,it's little long way but you will do it for once then you have a great program To PRONOUNCE

Any Arabic Word .Are you ready ! ok go make two cups of tea ,sure one for me ,lol .

Watch that Video

Download Lesson Five in High QUALITY Size:62.51 MB


You Need To Download Two Arabic Voices

I will give you Two human Voices .

Download Voice 1 (File Size : 5 MB)


Download Voice 2 (File Size:5.7MB)


First Step : Install Mbrola Tools

Download mbrola tools 3.5 (Total File Size: 4.04MB)


After Finish INSTALLATION Mbrola Icon will show in Control Panel.

Double Click that Icon in Control Panel To Change Mbrola SETTINGS.


Databases > Add

To Add voices

After Downloading TWO voices Files. Extract them in a folder

I named that Folder Voices.

Add First Voice ar1

Press Ok

Press Add and Add the second voice (The same Way).

Press Apply Then Ok.Go Make a cup of tea ..Relax we are about To Finish that Lesson.

Second Step : Install Euler v2.0

Download Euler v2.0 (File Size: 3.23 MB)



Complete Program setup Then Restart COMPUTER.

Open Euler program

press Start > Programs >Euler

Finally, that's your New program To say any Arabic words

(1)in that Area you write your Arabic word or Paste that word you get From Dictionary Or paste any Text In that Area

then press (5) Start PROCESS.. To PRONOUNCE Any Arabic word

(2)Open any Text conatain Arabic words

(3)Save any Arabic words in (1) Area To your pc as Text Files.

(4)Change between Two Voices.

(5)Start PROCESS..To PRONOUNCE Any Arabic word

You will Need To Download Winrar To EXTRACT Zip Files

Winrar Version 4.0 32 -( Bit)

Click here To Download

Winrar Version 4.0  64 -( Bit)

Click Here to Download

We used in that Lesson :-

1-Mbrola tools.

2-Two Arabic Voices.

3-Euler v2.0.

4-English > Arabic Dictionary.

Any Question Email me


Best wishes Yassin shalaby

English Arabic dictionary

Arabic dictionary - How to use Arabic English dictionary

Download English Arabic/Arabic English dictionary


How to use English Arabic dictionary

Download Lesson Three in High QUALITY Size:33.56 MB


Use Winrar To Extract the File

Download Winrar and install it in your pc.

Use that program To Extract All files you Downloaded as i showed in lesson

right click > Then Exctract Here.

Winrar Version 4.0 32 -( Bit)

Click here To Download

Winrar Version 4.0 64 -( Bit)

Click here to Download

How To use Online DICTIONARY


Download Lesson Four in High QUALITY Size:31.47 MB


install arabic language in your pc

How To install Arabic Language in your pc in 3 steps

Why should I learn arabic?

As Muslims we have no choice but to learn the Language of the Qur’an.



The Qur’an contains the exact words which Allah revealed to our beloved prophet-muhammed pbuh

As a Muslims we are obligated to recite the Qur’an in Arabic EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Our SALAAH is in the Arabic Language.

We cannot have khushoo in our Salaah until and unless we understand what we are saying in our Salaah.

The Language of the Qur’an is a Miracle.

THAT MIRACLE will never touch our hearts unless we learn and know the Language of the Qur’an.

How can the Qur’an guide me and how can I ponder over it and implement the Guidance of the Qur’an in

my daily life if I do not understand the Language of the Qur’an!

Please remember

if you are dedicated, serious and hardworking, you will achieve something most beautiful and rewarding in your life

(i.e. the understanding of the Qur’an directly when you recite it or when the recitation is heard).

The beauty, the Eloquence, the Magic, the Miracle and the Divine Wisdom of the Qur’an will penetrate the innermost depth of your heart and you will.

Experience the joy and happiness which cannot be expressed but can only be felt in the Believer’s Heart.

So get ready to work hard to learn the Language of the Qur’an.

I'll help you as I can ( I'am Arab muslim).

Note !

Many Islamic centers & MOSQUES Around the world give free courses To learn new Muslims Arabic language .

so why don't you attend that free courses ?!
How To install Arabic Language in your pc in 3 steps?.

See That Video Will help you To understand that LESSON

Download Lesson One in High QUALITY Size:36.2 MB



Switch your control Panel in your windows To classic View Then click Regional and languages Options
You will find 3 Tabs

Regional Option



First Step

Click Languages Tab

In SUPPLEMENTAL Language support

Click the checkbox beside Install files For complex script and right To left languges

(including Thai)

Then click Apply

You will be asked To put your WINDows XP CD

Second Step

Click Regional Tab

In standards and Formats

Change To Arabic ( Egypt )

Then click Apply

Third step

Click Advanced Tab

In Language for non-Unicode programs

Change To Arabic ( Egypt )

Then click Apply

You can switch between your language and arabic language by pressing :

Left ALT+shift

How can I change key sequence ?

In second step (languages tab)

Click Details

Click key settings in Preferences

change key sequence in Advanced key settings


That screen will appear after clicking Details

Lesson One Part Two

Download Arabic Fonts.file size 3.9  MB. (The File used in that Video).

Click here To Download

 If you are using Windows XP SP2 Download that File (4.43 MB).


If you are using Windows XP SP3 Download that File (4.12 MB).


_______End Of Lesson One_______

Lesson Two Part One  
How To install Arabic language in Windows Seven

Lesson Two Part Two 
Solve Arabic letters problem in Windows 7

Download Lesson Two Part Two in High QUALITY Size:12.85 MB


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