Learn Arabic: June 2013
Thursday, 13 June 2013

Arabic vowels

Arabic Vowels - How to type Arabic vowels

Arabic Vowels in your keyboard will shown as picture below .

Arabic vowels are little symbols on top or underneath letters.

There are 3 vowels in Arabic

1-Fat-ha, which is equivalent to A  .

2-Kasra ,looks the same as Fatha except it goes under the letter.

sounds like the vowel E or I.

3-Damma,looks like a little ribbon and it goes on top of a letter

sounds like the vowel O or U.

In that lesson

I will show you in Arabic Vowels - How to type Arabic vowels's video,

how to type Arabic Vowels in your keyboard.

Concentrate and Enjoy my lesson and if you have any Question about Arabic Vowels just 

comment and in shallah i will help you.

Arabic Vowels

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